Generally speaking, the worst of the sleep deprivation is behind us now. That said, neither Toby or Martha sleeps through every night, and if one does you can get your bottom dollar the other won’t.

After a bit of a bad spell, I thought I was doing relatively well, until these 5 signs told me I’m more exhausted than I’d realised!

  1. Welling up/crying at First Dates, Don’t Tell the Bride, Storks, when talking about anything remotely lovely, when faced with a simple decision, when given a nice birthday or anniversary card… I needn’t go on.
  2. Getting to 1:15pm at work before realising I’m not wearing a bra. True story. 
  3. Thinking it’s Monday on a Thursday, and on Friday forgetting I’m then on annual leave for a week, and scrambling to get stuff done.
  4. Forgetting who has which name between your daughter and your cat.
  5. Falling asleep while writing this post… I got to point 1 and then drifted off with my phone in my hand.

So these have been my telltale signs this week that a few disturbed nights have completely knocked all sense out of me! 

What do you end up like when sleep is stolen from you?