Life can be pretty awesome, and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to miss out on the fun because you’re feeling under the weather. Everyone’s off an adventure, and you’re stuck inside nursing a cold or other illness. While there’s no way (yet) to avoid getting sick entirely, there are ways you can reduce the number of times you fall ill, and that’s by boosting your immune system. You don’t have to settle for whatever illness-busting system you were born with; you can strengthen it, and, what’s more, is that you can do in natural ways. We take a look at four ways below.

Get Enough Rest

Life can be pretty manic. There’s always something to do, be it pulling long hours at work, looking after the kids, or finally spending time with our friends. But while you might enjoy your hectic lifestyle, it’s worthwhile sparing a thought for the effect it’s having on your body. To be able to fight off illness effectively, we need to get plenty of rest. We all know that “run-down” feeling that pops up when we’ve been doing too much — at those times, it doesn’t take much to make us sick. Rest well, before you need to stay in bed with the flu.

Hit the Gym

We’re not going to explain the science behind how exercising helps to boost your immune system, but we’ll say this — science says it’s the case, and who are we to argue with science? And if you’re put off by the idea of spending an hour at the gym multiple times a week, then fear not — studies have shown that ​just twenty minutes of exercise a day​ is enough to supercharge your immune system.


What’s Going Inside?

What you put inside your body has a direct effect on its overall health and vitality. How could it not? So take a look at your diet with a critical eye, and determine if what you’re eating and drinking is going to boost or harm your immune system. Too much alcohol (or, worse, smoking) will make you more susceptible to picking up whatever illness is going around. Feed your body the right stuff, and you’ll have an extra line of defence to keep flu at bay. You can also supplement your diet with products like the immune-boosting black seed, which you can buy from ​​. If you’re feeding your body the right things, it’ll be able to work at its best to keep you illness-free!

Cold Showers

Hot showers might be comfortable, but what’s most comfortable isn’t necessarily what’s best for you. If you take cold showers, you’ll be making your body more resistant to picking up bugs and viruses. It might not be comfortable while you’re in the shower, but there’ll be long-term benefits which stretch beyond your immune system — cold showers have been shown to ​relieve depression​ and make people feel more energetic.

If it feels like you’re always ill, try out tips, and you’ll likely find your body is better able to keep those illnesses at bay!