1 week until our due date!! I can’t believe it’s here and that within the next 3 weeks, we’ll have our little son or daughter. I’ll no longer be struggling with taking bump shots, I’ll be obsessively cooing over our Baby and taking a million snaps a day of him or her!


Baby C decided to give Mummy and Daddy a scare on Sunday and not move. At all. For about 6 hours. By mid-morning I’d realised I’d not felt much all morning, so stopped what I was doing and had a shower, which normally gets things going. Nothing. I then laid on the sofa, had a bite to eat and just relaxed, focusing on Baby C. Nothing. My husband played some music to my belly, the sort of stuff which he/she normally responds to. Nothing. So I called my local midwife helpline and they were brilliant, telling us to head straight to the hospital. By the time we got there it was about 1pm and we ended up having to wait for well over an hour before being seen, which wasn’t great but I guess they can’t create staff out of nowhere. I had a couple of teeny, tiny flutters which were reminiscent of the early days of feeling kicks, but that was it. On the monitor Baby C’s heartbeat was strong and well, averaging about 135 bpm over the hour or so we were there. A couple of mild contractions registered on the CTG and towards the end of monitoring Baby C decided to wake up and do some gymnastics!

We were told to come straight back if we have any concerns at all and I felt happy to have been taken seriously and treated accordingly. I can’t fault the staff at Peterborough for their attitude towards us.

Since then, Baby C has wriggled around as normal and should weigh over 7lb by now – I assure you I can feel every ounce!


As per the last couple of weeks, I’ve had small shows and intense Braxton Hicks. I’ve almost started ignoring them now as they haven’t led to anything so far. I’ve been fairly energetic this last day or two, including going for a dog walk with my friend yesterday and being out for 2 solid hours walking! I’ve also been duck-walking around the house, much to my Mum’s amusement when she arrived to see me today!

I’m feeling a bit peeved today because at my 38 week midwife check up, I had a different midwife to usual and she said that at my next appointment, at 40 weeks, I’d be given a sweep. I’ve been getting myself geared up for it and Phil has managed to take the day off work when he should actually be in some important training but today, I bumped into a friend from NCT who’s 40+5 and has the same midwife as me normally. She had an appointment this morning, after being told last week she’d have a sweep, only for our regular midwife to say no, not until 41 weeks. I’ve tried calling them for clarification but had to leave a voicemail. I really don’t understand how, in a team of just 4, the information can differ so drastically. I will have to keep calling until they get back to me, because it’s ridiculous for Phil to have the day off work for nothing. Rant over!

(UPDATE: I’ve had a call to say I will be having a sweep! They go by the birthing hospital’s protocol and my friend is at a different hospital. I still think it’s bad they didn’t tell her that, but glad I’ve got it cleared up for Phil and I. I’m aware that it may well not do a thing when I’m not technically overdue, but we’ll see!)


As I mentioned, I’m getting frequent Braxton Hicks, but totally irregular. I don’t think bump seems to have changed much this last week, although last night it suddenly looked enormous when I looked in the mirror!


Phil and I had a play with the TENS machine the other day so that we know exactly how to use it when the time comes. To be honest, the trip to the hospital was also pretty good preparation because we were able to have a sneaky look at where the midwife-led unit and delivery suites are, which is useful for when we have to go in for real as Peterborough doesn’t offer tours. I’ve also had a look at their virtual tour to see the midwife-led unit and I’m keeping fingers crossed that Baby C doesn’t need inducing because I’d love to use that unit.

We haven’t really done a date night this week, but we were asked to photograph the local Summer Ball on Saturday, which was nice. We didn’t buy tickets for the obvious reason that I might be in labour, so it was good to go along in the end and listen to the Rutland Big Band, who were amazing! Phil did a great job as official photographer and I spent the evening repeating my mantras of “11 days to go”, “No, I won’t go into labour on the dance floor” etc haha

The picture below is of us being a bit silly on a break from photographer duties!

Well, I shall update you next week when I hit Baby C’s due date and let you know what happens at my midwife appointment! Have a lovely week everyone xx