38 weeks, wow! We have no more than 4 weeks to go until we meet our Baby, hopefully less than that now!


Baby C isn’t doing those spontaneous, beat Mummy from the inside kicks as much, but still wriggling as much as ever. As an Ambassador for MAMA Academy, I know the importance of monitoring baby’s movements and that if there were to be a reduction in overall movement, I’d call the midwife line immediately. Apparently the amniotic fluid starts to steadily decrease from this week onward and Baby C should weigh 6.5 to 7lb, although we’ve not had any growth scans to estimate this. I saw the midwife this morning and she got quite excited by my signs and symptoms. She says Baby C is about half engaged now, so that’s good. For about the third visit running we were unable to get a heart rate reading because our little monkey wriggles away from the doppler every time!


I’ve had a couple of smalls shows as well as some sporadic cramping which has been a little painful. On Monday I was in quite a bit of pain with what felt like stitch on the right of bump and intensified with my braxton hicks. It went after a few hours and the braxton hicks were never regular at all.

I’m continuing to eat lots of fruit and drink almost exclusively water, but have also found myself carb loading a bit to try and keep my energy levels up, which are fading rapidly! I have brown, seeded bread instead of white and that’s my main source of carbs, along with a couple of potatoes with my main meal and granola for breakfast when I remember to buy some more.

Last night, at about 9pm, I had was absolutely wired and Phil had to stop me going on a cleaning mission. As it was, I then awoke at 2:30am with really bad hip pains and persistent cramps which meant I barely slept the rest of the night. The cramps have continued and feel like period pains, but still not a hint of a contraction.


As I mentioned, I’m getting frequent braxton hicks, but totally irregular. The pain in the side of bump seems to have been a temporary thing – maybe a pulled muscle. I didn’t think there had been much change in the shape or position of bump, but comparing pictures from today with a week or so ago, it looks lower and more rounded to me; In the picture below I was 36+5 on the left and 38 on the right, what do you think?


I mentioned in my 37 week update that Phil was planning a surprise date night, and boy did he do well! For our second date he took me to one of the most fantastic restaurants in Nottingham, World Service. Now, with Baby C’s arrival imminent, he made good on the promise that we’d go back there one day and took me there on Saturday night. I knew from the too-familiar journey that we were headed for Nottingham, but I’d forgotten entirely where World Service actually was in the city, so couldn’t tell for sure until we got there. I’m writing a post about it, because such a wonderful date night deserved more than a paragraph!

I’ve also bought some clary sage oil, which I know isn’t proven to work and all that jazz, but I quite like the smell of it and if a couple of drops in my bath over the next week or so get things moving then who am I to complain?! I’ve finally gotten myself some TENS machine pads too, after weeks of forgetting to buy any. Has anyone got any advice about using TENS as pain relief in early labour?

That’s about it really, every day now is a waiting game so I’m trying to keep myself busy rather than fixate on not being in labour! Also, if you want to find out more about MAMA Academy and what they’re doing to promote positive pregnancy and reduce the UK’s stillbirth rate, you can find their website here.

A little mention for two lovely ladies who have had their beautiful babies in the last week – Rebecca and Nicola – congratulations to you both, Iris and Parker are absolutely gorgeous! xx

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