Wow, 32 weeks pregnant. That seems huge. I feel huge. It’s all so very, very real and close now! With a mere 8 (to 10) weeks until we meet our daughter, Phil and I have started planning and preparing as much as we can. Oh, and we’re buying a new house so we’re taking guesses as to which happens first – the house move of the baby!

Realistically, the birth will be what it will be and as with Toby’s, we have a rough idea of our wishes but will roll with it on the day and just hope that everything goes okay, that baby girl and I are fine at the end of it.

We do have our ideals. We were debating on trying for a home birth, but many factors have made us decide to stick with going to the hospital in which Toby was born. I wrote about my maternity care options, which really helped in weighing things up and overall, with living in a semi detached house with thin walls, a small living room that would struggle to hold a birthing pool and now the fact we’ll either be just about to move or will have just moved and will therefore be surrounded by boxes either way, hospital just feels like the best option!

Phil now has his organised head on and has already pretty much packed his hospital bag. I, however, have not but in the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing down what we need in my, baby’s and Toby’s bags. When I had Toby I forgot to pack underwear even though it was on my list, rookie error! Phil’s already bought the essential Lucozade, sweets and cereal bars to keep me going and I was recently sent some fab bars from Freida’s Pantry, which I’ll tell you more about soon, but they’re delicious and packed full of natural energy boosters.

Sleep-wise, nothing has improved very much! Toby’s been suffering really badly with teething (we’re assuming) and spent most of last week up every 1 to 2 hours overnight. He’s had a couple of better nights thrown in where we’re only up once or twice, but then I’m guaranteed to need a wee/have hip pain/be unable to shut my brain down. It’s okay though, last week was pretty tough but then today has been wonderful so it all balances out. Still, at 32 weeks pregnant, sleep would be so amazing and I won’t pretend I’m not missing it!

We saw the midwife last week and baby girl had decided to go head down. She seemed to be that way for a few days but I’m feeling movements really low down again so I think the little monkey is breech again. The midwife made a comment about how baby’s limbs were everywhere and she wasn’t wrong! I get pokes and jabs absolutely everywhere and often in one go, as if she’s on all fours crawling! It’s incredible how different movements can feel between pregnancies. Baby girl now has about 4 weeks in which to turn head down and stay that way otherwise we may be talking planned sections and the such. To be honest, I’m pretty contented with that, should it happen. It’s not my absolute preference and I’m aware it’s far from an easy option, but having heard how painful it is when they try to turn the baby, alongside the potential for the cord to get wrapped around baby’s neck, that doesn’t feel like a good option to me. I am on my knees over my birthing ball a lot of the time to try and get her the right way round but what will be will be!

32 Week Bump and Spring Flowers Blossoming

32 Week Bump and Spring Flowers Blossoming

I was measuring spot on last week and I’ve been wearing a super attractive tubi-grip bump support since the group physio session I had a couple of weeks ago. It definitely is helping to ease the SPD and other pains I’ve been having and although by the evenings I’m sick of the band, when I take it off I can feel the weight of bump pulling down and I know that it’s doing a good job during the day.

We were between two name choices for baby girl for ages, then kept throwing others into the mix but almost instantly rejecting them. We’ve now decided which of the original ones we will be going with but you’ll have to wait until she’s here to find out. Feel free to make some guesses in the comments though!

When did you start getting your bag ready? Any guesses for baby’s name? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.