I’m a couple of days late posting this because I turned 16 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, had my midwife appointment Wednesday then spent Thursday moping in my PJs all day doing paid work and writing a very emotional post about breastfeeding. Productive, clearly, but much-needed and today I’m full of the joys of life and Costa’s Christmas range, woo!

So Wednesday’s appointment was my first with my midwife since I booked in at 7 ish weeks and I had been hopeful of hearing Baby Fish’s heartbeat for the first time because even though I know the recommendations aren’t for the midwives to listen this early, the same midwife did so last January with Toby. The only downside was that Phil’s been away in Ireland with work all week and so would miss it but I was planning on recording the beautiful sound on my phone should the midwife find it and Whatsapp Phil as soon as I left.

The best laid plans and all… My midwife didn’t want to try and listen for the heartbeat, which I begrudgingly accepted but the biggest disappointment for me was that after telling me my iron levels and blood pressure were both on the low side of healthy, she didn’t even ask how I was feeling, how my pregnancy had been so far or whether I needed any advice or support. I told her how tired I was and that I have bad headaches but she just said to go to my GP if I was concerned and I felt like I was being dismissed.

Because my pregnancy and labour were so textbook with Toby and my stats are all healthy I’m classed as low risk, which is fantastic. I remember having a 24 week check with Toby but this being my second pregnancy I now won’t go back until I’m 28 weeks at the end of January, which feels like ages away and I’m glad we have our 20 week scan to look forward to.

It’s far from all doom and gloom though. I am struggling with the headaches and I popped to see the pharmacist today who basically said I’m doing everything right but to try 4Hed headache rub stuff and go to my GP if the headaches continue, he was really nice though and listened to my symptoms and what I’ve been doing. Sometimes there isn’t really a cure but it;s nice to feel listened to.

I can feel Baby Fish more and more every day which is utterly amazing and definitely one of my favourite things about pregnancy! In case you didn’t know, Thimble has become Fish because when we show Toby the scan picture he alternates between saying ‘Baby’ and ‘Fish’, which is so adorable!

I can’t say that I’m enjoying this pregnancy the way I did Toby’s and that has meant I’ve had moments of feeling so guilty, but with much worse sickness, a toddler keeping me awake at night as well as having bad tantrums on some days and these headaches it simply isn’t as pleasant an experience so far. This is more than likely my last pregnancy so I want to cherish it and I truly do know how lucky I am to even be pregnant so I’d never take that for granted but I am hoping for some second trimester glow before I’m doing my beached whale impression early next spring!

Did you spot my rather fabulous MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet in my photo by the way? Not only is it a safe place for my notes but it’s got tonnes of really important information for mamas-to-be printed on it such as when to call your midwife and warning signs to look out for. This information could save the lives of babies who are in trouble and I would love to see every single NHS Trust in the country handing these out – as would MAMA Academy! You can buy your Wellbeing Wallet for just £2 and on the same page you can also donate one so that an expectant mummy can have access to this important advice that they may not otherwise have known. I’m also part of the #Miles4MAMA team who are running, walking, cycling and swimming as many miles as possible to raise money for MAMA Academy which will be well spent helping to save the lives of babies so please take a look at our fundraising page if you would like to donate to this brilliant charity.