16 Week Midwife Appointment

At the 8 week booking in appointment with the midwife, they can’t really do anything to ascertain that the pregnancy is progressing well, because it’s far too early to feel anything or hear a heartbeat. This can be excruciating when you’re so desperate for reassurance and the following 4 week wait until your first scan feels like a lifetime.

At our 16 week appointment, we spoke about how I’d been feeling and that the scan had been fantastic. Phil asked our lovely midwife if she’d be able to hear the heartbeat at this time. She said that they’re told not to listen for one because even by then, apparently there’s still a chance of not being able to hear it even if it’s there. That said, she then said she would have a try for us, but not to panic if we didn’t hear anything. She needn’t have bothered with the warning, because the very moment she placed the doppler on the cold gel on my belly, there was a musical, rhythmic beat filling the room.

It’s a special moment, the first time you hear your baby in any capacity. I have heard of sonographers turning the volume up during the 12 week scan so that the heartbeat can be heard, but ours didn’t do so. Like the scan, which by now was 4 weeks behind us, it’s lovely to have some reassurance that your precious baby is still growing away in there.