Although there have been some really cold days in the last week or two, there has definitely been more than a hint of Spring in the air and we have enjoyed some lovely times outdoors, starting to get the garden ready for the summer.

When we moved into our house in June 2013 we were renovating the indoors as well as planning a wedding. We fell pregnant in October so with me being heavily pregnant in the spring and Toby’s birth last July we hadn’t done much in the garden apart from have some turf laid, which you can read about here. This year is different and we’re on a mission! Toby absolutely loves getting outside so here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to:

Our seeds are from Dobies, who stock a fantastic selection of basically everything you could need for your garden at really reasonable prices. We like to know that we’re using good quality products, especially with our vegetable seeds because we want a good yield and Dobies certainly seems to fit the bill – I’ll update you as the weeks pass about how the plants and eventually the vegetables get on. We used garden netting over a box frame that Phil built to cover the vegetable patch and hopefully deter the ducks. We have several families of them who come and raid our garden so we have to try everything we can to keep the vegetables safe from their greedy beaks – they’ve had a good old meal or two from the turf! We’ve got some potatoes in the veg patch and some in sacks in the greenhouse then some melon and carrot seeds have been planted in seed trays in the greenhouse and we’ve got a mixture of tomato seeds and a couple of small tomato plants that we’re using to hopefully spread the yield out over a good number of weeks rather than having millions all at once! We recently sought planning permission to build a summerhouse in the garden, we need planning because our land is protected but luckily they agreed and Phil has been busy building a frame for the foundations. We love our little cottage but it is very little and with no scope for extending it, the 6x4m summerhouse will give us some much-needed extra space. As Toby grows up it will likely serve as his ‘hang-out’, like a little den for him and his friends to play in and maybe even have sleepovers. Toby comes outside with us and watches with keen interest at everything we do, as well as desperately trying to reach out to the ducks and chickens. The chickens have started to lay again so when I collect the eggs I count them out to Toby – they’re never too young for some education! We’ll be trying him with egg for a meal soon and we love that Toby will grow up eating fruit and vegetables that he’s helped to grow and harvest and eggs that he’s collected from our chickens, it’s the life we wanted for our family and we’re so pleased it’s coming together. As always, we continue to go on local walks too and I’m hoping to get a new soft structured carrier soon so that we can go off-road like we used to. I’m finding Toby’s just too heavy for a front carry in his stretchy Papoozle and the hip carry isn’t ideal for our long walks. Have you been out enjoying the changing seasons? Any vegetable growing tips for us? Leave me a comment below or get in touch viaFacebook or Twitter. *We were sent a variety of seeds from Dobies free of charge, all words and thoughts are my own*