Having two children 21 months apart is hard. But as tough as these early days/weeks/months have been, I wouldn’t swap it for the world and The Siblings Project is such a lovely way for me to look at their blossoming relationship and remind myself that it’s pretty darn awesome! I feel like I don’t have as many photos of Toby and Martha together from the past month, but with a good fortnight of illness in there I haven’t taken as many photos anyway to be honest.

IMG_3676 IMG_3885 IMG_4270

Toby loves that Martha can eat now and he’s so good at sharing snacks with her. They play together nicely most of the time, with the occasional reminder to Toby to be gentle or moving Martha away from Toby’s car as he drives around the house! They make each other laugh so much with the most simple things:

I’m linking up to The Siblings Project with Donna,Lucy, Keri-Anne, Katie, Carie, Amber and Natalie.