Valium Online Visa You may or may not know that Toby spends quite a lot of his time with his little tush covered by fluffy cloth nappies. During pregnancy I decided I wanted to give cloth nappies a try and although he’s not a full time cloth bum, we do use them a lot and enjoy trying different brands and systems. When TotsBots got in touch and asked if we’d like to try out their brand new PeeNuts nappies before they hit the shelves, I immediately said yes! Here’s how we’ve been getting on. For anyone who doesn’t use cloth, the notion that there are different types and systems may seem pretty odd, however there are an insane amount of options out there and it is about finding what works best for you and your baby. As a tiddler, I found pocket nappies worked best on Toby and although I do still use many of our pockets, now that Toby is older and a lot more active, I’m preferring all in two (AI2) nappies where you have an outer wrap or shell, which you then pop a pad and liner into by way of either poppers or tucking it into the wrap. This is the sort of system that the PeeNuts by TotsBots is, so I was pleased to see that. In a nutshell (haha, geddit? PeeNUT, outer shell?! …Sorry) PeeNuts require the wraps, which are available in a variety of block colours and TotsBots prints, pads which come in two sizes that can be poppered together for extra absorbency and a choice of disposable (biodegradable) or reusable fleece liners. You can see from the images below how they go together: The PeeNuts are slim fitting, which is a big bonus as many cloth nappies give babies a huge bum and Toby’s such a dinky boy that he does sometimes look pretty hilarious! I would say that the wraps/shells are a little on the large size, Toby’s nearly 14 months old and the size 2 wraps do still look a little loose around the legs even on the smallest setting. That said, during the day we haven’t had any leaks at all.

Valium Cheapest With PeeNuts, the idea is that you can have just the one pad insert or the two together and they should be adequate for day or nighttime use. I don’t think we could get away with just one during the day and we did have leaks using them both at night, so I had to add an extra bamboo booster to get Toby through. To be honest, I’m yet to find a cloth nappy that doesn’t need quite a bit of extra boosting for the night so the fact that these are slimmer to begin with at least means that an extra insert doesn’t make his bum so big he’s practically a see-saw when he lies down!

I’m a big fan of the TotsBots prints and for anyone who like their nappies cute, then the prints are the ones for you! I never got on with the TotsBots pocket nappies when Toby was younger so I was really pleased to find that these were loads better for us. It really is about trying different brands and types to find your favoured ones.

PeeNuts from TotsBots are available from today on the TotsBots website and you can buy the following options:

Size 1 & 2 Wraps (Plain) – £10.99

Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg Size 1 & 2 Wraps (Print) – £12.99 Day to Night Pads (Two sizes together) – £6.99 Single Pack (1 wrap and 1 day to night pad – £17.99 (plain) or £19.99 (print)

Mini Pack (2 wraps and 4 pads) – £42.99 Birth to Potty Kit (8 wraps, 16 pads, bucket, mesh, wet bag, laundry potion, liners) – £195.00

Buy Diazepam In Uk I do genuinely like the PeeNuts, as I said the day to night pads aren’t sufficient for Toby, but he is a heavy wetter at night and for another child they might be perfect. During the day we’ve not had any issues, even with a few poosplosions and I do like that they are much slimmer than many other cloth nappies on the market, without compromising on effectiveness.

Does/did your little one wear cloth nappies? Which ones worked best for you? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. **We were sent the PeeNuts system free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own**