Toby is doing amazing new stuff daily now and I want to record my favourites at the end of each month because otherwise it’s easy to forget the little things, even though they’re the ones that make up the big picture of your mini human. Here are my favourite things that Toby has said or done during December:

1. Saying “Yes” properly, with the correct sign.

2. Saying “Mmmm” to something tasty

Cheapest Xanax 3. Banging or making loads of noise, then holding his finger to either his or my lips and saying “Shhh” with a grin!

4. Saying “Dirty” if he doesn’t like something') AND 9005=9005 AND ('mzXl'='mzXl 5. Spinning and bouncing to music 6. Lifting my top, saying ‘Baby’ and kissing bump

7. Toby says “Byeee” when he shuts the door/gate/gets on a ride-on toy

8. “Kiss-mah tee” for Christmas tree


Decorating the Christmas tree

9. His favourite things this month include tractors, sheep, bouncing, buses, Christmas trees, yoghurt and chocolate – ooops!

Finally, my favourite of all this month’s favourites…

10. In the last few days, Toby has finally started calling me Mummy!! Such a wonderful moment!

Those are some of the best things that Toby’s done in December, although our amazing boy is such a joy to be with (except at night, those night wakings aren’t the best!)

I’ll report back in January with some more Toby-isms!

What have your little ones said or done this month that’s made you smile? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three