I’m heading towards the last year of my twenties now and I can honestly say that whilst life has thrown the odd curveball, I have had an amazing nearly 29 years on this earth. My top 10 favourite moments in life cover all sorts of experiences I’ve had and I’m really happy to be sharing them with you because I hope it will make you think about your favourite moments and celebrate them.

  1. Giving birth – It may sound like an obvious one, but for many people birth sadly isn’t a wonderful time so I feel truly blessed to have delivered Toby at full term, without intervention and with both of us being absolutely fine from it. I remember it so well and I loved hearing Phil say “It’s a Toby” because as convinced as I was that we were having a boy, we’d decided not to find out and I was so happy that we hadn’t.
  2. Getting married – I’ve just realised that I’ve never done a post about mine and Phil’s weddings (we had two!) so I need to rectify that. The whole weekend was absolutely wonderful and I was so proud to become Mrs Clarke.
  3. Getting engaged – Phil bought my ring in September 2012 and kept it hidden until the end of December of that year. In the meantime, he managed to downplay the whole notion of us getting married so I was trying to accept that I wouldn’t get to marry him. Then, atop a tower at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, he got down on one knee and proposed! I never wanted a public proposal so this secluded spot was perfect and actually, when a group of Americans walking past below spotted what was going on and started cheering, it was really funny and I didn’t mind because I hadn’t known they were there!
  4. A cloud in Rio – When I was travelling, I went to Rio and hiked up Mount Tijuca, which was amazing in itself but as I stood looking over the city, a cloud blew over me, totally cutting me off from the world for a split second and it was just like utter peacefulness in that moment.
  5. Leaving school – I didn’t have the best time at school and was so happy when I left it all behind me to go to college in a different town.
  6. Starting my blog – I had no idea where it was going or the amazing opportunities it would bring me, but I remember doing those first (terrible!) posts and feeling so proud and excited.
  7. Cuddles – Toby was not a cuddly newborn and his silent reflux made him a positively rigid baby. He never found comfort from me except to breastfeed and even that ended in screaming. So when he started giving me proper cuddles a few months ago and actually coming to me for a snuggle, it was just the most amazing thing. I treasure every single one of them.
  8. The Pregnancy Test – I know how cliche most of these things on my list are, but you know what? There’s a reason they’re cliche and it’s because they’re amazing! I was barely 4 weeks pregnant when I took that test and it was brilliant!
  9. Telling dad – Toby’s middle name is Christopher after my dad and we’d managed to keep it a secret from my parents through the whole pregnancy – helped by the fact we didn’t know what we were having. When I called my parents to tell them Toby had arrived, it was a really lovely moment when I told them his full name and I could tell how much it meant to my dad.
  10. Life – Total cheese/cliche/eye roller of an answer but in spite of the days when I feel like a rubbish mum and a useless wife, in spite of the days when *nothing* fits or looks right, none of those things are actually true, they’re just how I see things on bad days. BUT I have an amazing husband, an incredible son, wonderful family and friends and a job I love – Winning at life!

What have your favourite moments in life been? I’d love to read all about them so let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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