Buy Generic Diazepam I’ve been so utterly useless at blogging lately but thankfully I’ve still been okay at walking and even a bit of running! My second and third weeks of #Miles4MAMA have been successful, in no small part to mine and Phil’s two days in London which involved a heck of a lot of walking in the rain.

Buying Valium In Phnom Penh On our first day in London we walked from our hotel on Gower Street down to Oxford Street and then did the length of Oxford Street and back up to the hotel, which felt a lot more than the 4ish miles than it actually was! Getting lost outside of Victoria tube station that evening helped with racking up a little bit of extra distance too and we then wandered around Camden Market for hours on Tuesday.

Between walks with Toby and a two mile run the other day, I’ve hit my 10 miles a week which I’m pretty happy with considering that illness has raged through our household in the last fortnight. I really enjoyed my short run and am hoping to get out on another one this weekend. I’m not currently training for anything so just want to do regular short runs to keep my fitness levels up so that when I hopefully sign up for a half marathon for this time next year, I’ve kept the momentum up.

I’m making the most of the remaining decent weather to pop Toby in his Little Tikes trike most days for our walks because he absolutely loves it. I’m also trying to perfect a back carry so we can go off-road more but I’m really struggling with it because Toby feels too low and my shoulders hurt after a very short time. Some lovely blogger friends have given me some tips to improve the carry and if it still doesn’t feel right I might need to look at different carriers.

Aside from my #Miles4MAMA target, I’m hoping to start doing some yoga soon and I like doing aerobic warm up tutorials on YouTube before I go for a run so all of that is helping my overall fitness.

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets How has your health and fitness week been? Any highs or lows in achieving your goals? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Fitness Friday