You are the bow from which you children as living arrows are sent forth


Toby’s been a superstar this week, I think the warmer weather makes a huge difference to him because he has so much more freedom to be outside. I love the top photo of him watching the birds out of his bedroom window, while the others show how much he loves being outdoors!

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Martha Pops has been very clingy this week, and very dribbly so I’m guessing some more teeth are making a move bless her. She’s still been her usual smiley self in between the tired snuggles and I love the then and now photo I took of her in the blue summer dress – in the first photo she’d just turned¬†5 months old and obviously now she’s 11 months, such a difference!

How have your living arrows been this week? Did you enjoy some fun in the sun over the weekend? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.