Weaning First Taste Carrot

Toby's Weaning Stories - Week Two

I wrote last week about how we were in full swing preparing to commence weaning, with Toby having been on porridge for breakfast for a while. Unfortunately, a change in milk as suggested by our GP didn't go to plan, as you can read here, so Toby's first tastes of food were delayed whilst we got him back on to the prescription milk and let his tummy settle back down. Not to be put off, today Toby seemed to be feeling much better so carrot was on the menu for lunch!

Birmingham Christmas Market

A Day Out to Birmingham Christmas Market

Phil and I love a good Christmas market. In 2011 when we'd been together just 3 or 4 months, we went over to Germany and stayed with some of Phil's friends, this was my first time in Germany and I loved it! The markets were amazing with the colours, music, food, drink and wonderful crafts - I was in my element! The following year, we went to Birmingham for the first time, to the city's renowned German market and we weren't disappointed. We ate lots and drank even more, Bratwurst after Frankfurter, Glühwein after, well, Glühwein! Last year, we headed back to Birmingham and I was about 6 weeks pregnant, so Glühwein was absolutely not on the menu and hot chocolate was the order of the day. Yesterday, with a very grumpy 5 month old and a reluctance to drive anywhere because of said grumpy 5 month old's aversion to his car seat, Phil suggested I book a cheap train ticket to wherever we could go from our local station and have a day out. Well, with Birmingham only being £17.50 return, I thought it would have been rude not to! Here's how our day went:

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