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Aqua Aerobics in Pregnancy - Guest Post

Kaitlin Gardner started An Apple Per Day to explore her passion for a green living lifestyle, and healthy family living. She and her husband have just moved to rural Pennsylvania, where they enjoy exploring the countryside to discover interesting and out of the way places. She is also learning how to paint watercolours. So, over to Kaitlin for some information about staying fit during pregnancy with aqua aerobics:

Sassy Bloom Box

Sassy Bloom Delivery Box

Toby and I were thrilled when, a couple of weeks ago, we were told we'd been chosen to receive a Sassy Bloom box to review. If you're not familiar with Sassy Bloom, it's basically a monthly box full of surprise products which are tailored to your stage of pregnancy or your child's age. You don't know what you'll get in each box, but that's part of the fun!

tommee tippee breastfeeding kit

Tommee Tippee Breastfeeding Kit Giveaway

If you are a Mummy-to-be then you're probably rapidly ticking items off of your list in preparation for your little one's arrival. If your baby is already here and you've been breastfeeding, maybe you're after a way to pump and store your milk so that your nearest and dearest can do some feeds? Whatever your situation is, if you want to express and store your breastmilk then this is the giveaway for you.

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