Six Week Old Baby

Toby at Six Weeks Old

Ordinarily, I'll be sticking to monthly Toby updates, but six weeks brings along a lot of changes and so I feel is worthy of a post of its own. You'll know from my one month update that Toby was starting to form his own 'routine', although I place the word in inverted commas because it is in no way guaranteed! The 5-6 week time has been tough, I won't lie, but that's precisely why I felt it needed speaking about more specifically than in a two month round-up.

Baby Massage

Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Massage Experience Gift Set

Shortly before Toby was born, I was contacted by Tiddley Pom to see if I fancied reviewing their Organic Baby Massage Experience gift set once 'Baby C' was born. I'd heard great things about baby massage, so jumped at the chance. The lovely Emma, founder of Tiddley Pom, said to take my time and not rush into trying to get a review done until I was ready, then even sent me a congratulations card when Toby was born. Lovely touches like that really make you warm to a company! I received the set a few weeks before Toby arrived and then waited eagerly for him to reach a point where I thought he would enjoy a massage.

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