Breastfeeding Clothes

What Are The Best Clothes to Wear When Breastfeeding?

Since Toby was born, I've predominantly lived in vest tops, simply lifting them up to feed him and that's that. However, we're getting out and about more now, not to mention the wedding we're going to in just 2 weeks, so I'm starting to feel the need for some actual nursing clothing which looks good and serves it's purpose for breastfeeding.

3 week old baby

Three Week Old Baby

This week has been a really mixed bag, we've had some lovely days together but some pretty awful nights which have really taken their toll. Phil and I are working as a team to try and give one another as much of a break as possible, but then we also want to spend time as a family when we can. This can lead to over tiredness if we're not having rest breaks during the day.

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I've drafted my guest post for @theREALjeevesy 's wedding week, I love talking about my beautiful wedding!xx

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