Yesterday saw me enter the third trimester of pregnancy and baby girl seems to be doing well by all accounts. I had my 28 week appointment with the midwife this morning and am feeling pretty positive after a rough week or two.
I’ve written a couple of posts recently about the struggles we’ve had and continue to have, both with raising a high need child and a mixture of Toby’s immense clinginess with my SPD.

Order Diazepam 5Mg The last couple of days my pain has been a bit less and although my pelvis is acting up again today, thankfully my midwife was loads more helpful and considerate than at my last appointment at 16 weeks and immediately wrote the referral for me to get some physio.

Baby Girl is quite often lying across the bottom of my bump but has moved and is now feet down so she has 8 weeks to spin over before the midwife will start discussing birth options – which are somewhat limited if she’s not head down. I’d love a water birth at the midwife unit or possibly even a home birth, but what will be will be and I’m happy just to see what the next couple of months bring. Second babies apparently do spin around a lot more frequently too so how she is now doesn’t really impact upon any final birth decisions.

1000 Valium Cheap I’m struggling to sleep due to SPD, heartburn, needing to pee, oh and having a toddler who thinks sleep is for the weak! We’re getting by though and whilst some days are very trying, others are perfectly lovely and normal! Toby has quite a bad cough and cold at the moment, which is adding to his clinginess and I feel awful on the days when picking him up is just too difficult so we’ve skipped the odd group or activity to just snuggle on the sofa with a cuppa.


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image I drove nearly 20 miles for pregnancy yoga last night only to find it wasn’t on, so that was a lot of fuel and an hour of my night wasted but Phil and I sat and watched Butterfly Effect instead so it wasn’t all bad! We’ve managed to finally dig my birthing ball out of the attic so need to actually pump it up now. That will hopefully have the duel purpose of easing my hip pains and moving baby girl into a better position, so we’ll see.

I’m measuring 27 weeks, which I wasn’t surprised at because although I feel big, I didn’t think I was quite as big as with Toby and I was measuring a week or two ahead with him for the latter part of the pregnancy. He was still only 7lb 9oz though so I doubt I’ll be having a huge baby this time either!

Cheaper Alternative To Xanax I’ve been using my Secret Saviours cream, gel and band every day and will tell you about them more soon, but having the support band does seem to ease some of the pressure on my lower back so that’s good. The products are apparently meant to prevent or reduce stretchmarks but in all honesty I didn’t get any with Toby and haven’t so far with Baby Girl. Whether it’s the products, genetics, luck or a mixture of all three I can’t obviously say but for me the important bit is to help my body cope with this last stretch of pregnancy as best I can.>6VHKr996vf6OEbuT22POpD-Vy0xZBhXlfjvs3hrAPOLmW0wW0C6CLNTRrQXvdIicR3Fdy I can pretty much eat whatever I want, although if I eat too close to bedtime I notice an increase in my heartburn. I’m feeling hungry quite a lot of the time but trying not to overindulge and although I haven’t weighed myself I don’t think I’ve really put much weight on except for bump. The Braxton Hicks have been quite strong at times, which is fine unless one comes on as I’m standing up from the sofa or bed, then they’re a bit uncomfortable!

I’m seeing the midwife again in 3 weeks and she’s hopeful that I’ll have had my physio appointment through by next week. When the midwife appointments come closer between one another you know you’re on the final run (or hobble) and I really do need to get my bum into gear, especially with finding a bedside crib or a co-sleeper for baby, 3 months will whizz by!

How did you manage SPD if you had it? Any tips for getting baby to spin around? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.