With summer making a valiant attempt to show its face, the kids and I have done some flower arts and crafts this month in the hope of convincing the sun to hang around for a while. Sticks, paint, pins and fabric all feature in our floral toddler creations this month, fitting with the May Bostik Blogger theme.

Handprint Sunflowers

The first thing I’m going to share is actually something that Toby did at nursery, which I then stole and did with Martha too! We’re currently growing a sunflower and these simple handprint paintings are so bright and lovely, they’ll definitely end up in the keepsake boxes.

Fabric Flowers

I had some pre-cut fabric flowers in my Bostik box, but slightly older children would probably love to cut out their own ones to use. Toby didn’t have as much input with these because – 2 1/2 year old with a split pin? – but he chose which fabrics to use together and helped me to press them into the paper before I split the pin to hold them in place. We then went out to the garden and found some leaves to stick on, using the Bostik White Glue.


Fork Painting – Tulips

This was such a simple activity and Toby loved it! A couple of blobs of paint, a fork and a piece of paper – just dip the fork in the paint and create the print on paper, then draw, paint or stick a stem and leaves on them. Toby adores tulips so he really enjoyed making these little delights.

Toby’s really interested in flowers and how they grow, so this was a nice way to do some fun crafts and chat about the different parts of flowers. He also knows that honey bees drink from flowers and then make honey, so there’s just so much potential learning that can come from doing these activities and chatting as you go.

How do you incorporate learning into your child’s play and fun times?

**We received a box of craft supplies free of charge from Bostik, to complete this activity. All words and opinions are my own**