After a shedload of migraines and the return of my pregnancy sickness in the last few weeks, I needed to look after myself and as frustrated as I was at barely making it out of the house on some days it has helped. Towards the end of last week I was suffering quite a lot still, so Phil took over night shifts with Toby (we usually alternate nights) and the extra sleep alongside not pushing myself to do anything I couldn’t manage seemed to do the trick!

A couple of lovely family walks have done a lot to lift my health and my spirits, especially last weekend when we had the most fun walk in the woods concluding in Toby beating me up with a branch! We walked about 2km/1.25 miles and it was so lovely. On Tuesday an old work colleague came to visit Toby and I so we went for a picturesque walk around a local nature park and ended up going for 4.5km/2.8 miles whilst chatting the whole time. We’d been heading to a cafe at the midway turning point and when we got there it was closed for the day so we had to do the return journey with very hungry stomachs!

With a couple more short strolls across the week I ended up with a total of about 6.5 miles, so still quite far away from my target but it’s the start of getting back on track and it has been nice to feel more human again.

I’m hoping to start a programme too soon which is all about keeping fit in pregnancy and Bravado have kindly sent me some of their maternity and nursing bras, including a yoga one, so alongside my Frugi yoga pants I’m at least set to go from a clothing perspective!

With the dark nights and Phil leaving so early for work in the mornings, I’m still yet to go for a run in absolutely ages but fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the odd one in on the weekends when I feel up to it.

This effort to make sure I’m keeping fit in pregnancy isn’t just for mine and Baby Fish’s* benefit, I’m hoping that by doing as many miles as possible – along with some other lovely bloggers – I can help raise money for MAMA Academy, which is a really wonderful charity. If you would like to help all of us along our merry #Miles4MAMA way then please consider donating whatever you can spare through our fundraising page.

How did you stay health and active in pregnancy? How do you find time to run during the winter months? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

*Toby says and signs ‘fish’ quite often when we point to the scan picture so Thimble is now Baby Fish!