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Celebrating Family Meal Times #PrezzoLaFamiglia

One of the dreams I had about having kids was us all sat around the table eating together and sharing stories of our day. It’s what I knew growing up and it’s how I envisaged parenthood too. Apparently, the Italians feel the same, and restaurant chain Prezzo have created the La Famiglia family sharing dish to embrace this way of dining together.

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The Weaning Chronicles: 6-10 Months // Tripp Trapp Moments. Weaning didn't start easily with Martha, so now that we're well into the swing of it, I wanted to look back on her progress, favourite baby led weaning foods and our fantastic Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair.

The Weaning Chronicles: 6 to 10 Months // Tripp Trapp Moments

When Martha was 4 months old I wrote a post about when to wean, how to know when the time is right and my fears about weaning a baby whose gag reflex was so overactive that even a breastfeed could result in projectile vomiting if she took too big a gulp. Fast forward to Martha at nearly 11 months old and this girl simply loves her food! Here’s how months 6 to 10 went.

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Mother’s Day Brunch and Personalised Gifts from I Just Love It and Historic Newspapers

Last week, Martha and I hopped on the train (the one after the one we were meant to catch – ooops) and headed to London to spend the morning in the company of I Just Love It, Historic Newspapers and some lovely bloggers, for their Mother’s Day Blogger Brunch. We were treated to some amazing food, great company and delightful personalised gifts that I simply need to tell you about.

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Learning To Be Vegetarian // Win Tickets To Vegan Life Live!

It appears that I’m a vegetarian. At least I think I am, it’s all very new to me and came rather unexpectedly if I’m honest. I just had my first vegetarian Christmas and am pondering the idea of trying Veganuary. I can’t imagine ever giving up cheese but then until recently I would have scoffed at the idea of giving up meat. What does it all mean to me?

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