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Apples & Pips and Milk Monster Giveaway

Apples & Pips and Milk Monster Giveaway!

Hands up who knows that I have my own online shop? For those with your hands down, I introduce you to Apples & Pips! With me having recently finished my full time job, Apples & Pips is a big priority for me, and teaming up with other brands is something that you can look forward to seeing more of in 2018! First up, I’m pleased to bring you a giveaway in partnership with Milk Monster. Not heard of them? Well Milk Monster is a really nifty little device that attaches to your baby’s bottle, and acts as a reminder for how long the milk is safe to be consumed by your little one.

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Travelling with Toddlers - Bluestone Wales

Travelling with toddlers – Bluestone Wales

Pre mini humans, Phil and I travelled the world. Between us we’ve covered vast areas of the globe, from east to west, and a love of travelling is something we’re keen to pass down to Toby and Martha. The children have been on a mixture of European and U.K. holidays; mostly with Phil and me but also with my Mum and me when Martha was a teeny 5 months old. This week, Mum and I piled the car full to the brim and headed to Bluestone, in stunning Pembrokeshire, Wales. I’d been invited to spend Monday to Friday there, and with Phil needed at work, Mum valiantly stepped in!

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