The Weaning Chronicles: 6-10 Months // Tripp Trapp Moments. Weaning didn't start easily with Martha, so now that we're well into the swing of it, I wanted to look back on her progress, favourite baby led weaning foods and our fantastic Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair.

The Weaning Chronicles: 6 to 10 Months // Tripp Trapp Moments

When Martha was 4 months old I wrote a post about when to wean, how to know when the time is right and my fears about weaning a baby whose gag reflex was so overactive that even a breastfeed could result in projectile vomiting if she took too big a gulp. Fast forward to Martha at nearly 11 months old and this girl simply loves her food! Here’s how months 6 to 10 went.

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Siblings // March

Having two children 21 months apart is hard. But as tough as these early days/weeks/months have been, I wouldn’t swap it for the world and The Siblings Project is such a lovely way for me to look at their blossoming relationship and remind myself that it’s pretty darn awesome! I feel like I don’t have as many photos of Toby and Martha together from the past month, but with a good fortnight of illness in there I haven’t taken as many photos anyway to be honest.

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Martha at 10 Months Old

I don’t want another baby, I’m just not ready for this one to be growing up so fast. Anyone else had that feeling when the final ever ‘baby stage’ in your life is whizzing by and as excited as you are about the future, you just want to hold on to every breastfeed, every sleepy snuggle, every gummy smile? It’s so bittersweet, can you tell I’m a bit emotional about Martha turning 10 months old today?!

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