5 signs that you’re more exhausted than you realised

Generally speaking, the worst of the sleep deprivation is behind us now. That said, neither Toby or Martha sleeps through every night, and if one does you can get your bottom dollar the other won’t. After a bit of a bad spell, I thought I was doing relatively well, until these 5 signs told me I’m more exhausted than I’d realised!

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Eternal Wallflower With a Chaotic Mind

If they made a movie of my life and career – which they wouldn’t because that’d mean I’d become ‘known’ – it would be called Eternal Wallflower With a Chaotic Mind. Okay, so I *may* have been ‘inspired’ by a certain film when I thought up this title – but it popped into my mind when Phil said something to me this evening about whether an Instagram of mine would go viral.

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I’m proud of what my body has done. I’m not proud of how my body looks

I know, I’m meant to celebrate how amazing my body is, and that it carried and birthed two babies, and it breastfed them (and continues to feed Martha), and it’s basically the best thing ever. I feel that way, I really do. I love what my body has done and I feel every single positive thing about it in that respect, but the same cannot be said for how it looks.

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