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Festive Vegetarian Food Guide and Giveaway

My name is Hannah and I love food. A lot. I’m also a vegetarian; 13 months in and discovering that there is LOADS of amazing choice out there, especially for the festive season! I’ve brought together some of my favourite brands and products, as well as mouth watering festive recipes from some incredible food bloggers. In case that’s not enough, you can also enter to win a festive veggie hamper!

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Top tips for sleeping and feeding when you baby has a cold

Top tips for sleeping and feeding when your baby has a cold

It’s absolutely rotten to see your little one struggling when they have a cold; sleeping often goes out the window and feeding can be really tricky thanks to their tiny little nostrils being blocked up. Snufflebabe – the UK’s no. 1 baby nasal decongestant range – knows that colds are no fun for anyone, so their 5 effective solutions are here to help your little one sleep, feed, and breathe in comfort. Snufflebabe asked me to share my top tips for sleeping and feeding when your baby has a cold, to hopefully help you and your little ones this cold and flu season.

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