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I’m proud of what my body has done. I’m not proud of how my body looks

I know, I’m meant to celebrate how amazing my body is, and that it carried and birthed two babies, and it breastfed them (and continues to feed Martha), and it’s basically the best thing ever. I feel that way, I really do. I love what my body has done and I feel every single positive thing about it in that respect, but the same cannot be said for how it looks.

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I love my children, but the stay-at-home life isn’t for me

Growing up, I didn’t have career goals or much of an idea what I wanted to be, other than a mother. I discarded the notion of being a journalist after a summer’s work experience at the local rag and beyond that, all I truly knew was that I would one day be a mummy. Then I became one.

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The Egocentric Toddler and What the Flip to Do With Them

Ah toddlers. Terrible Twos, Threenagers, Ferocious Fours. These delightful titles are bestowed upon our little people as they transition from wriggly babies to babbling toddlers and parents of children these ages will undoubtedly understand why. (For the record these are the more socially acceptable ones I’ve heard.) But why are toddlers so egocentric, grumpy, demanding and bloody difficult? While I am most certainly guilty of (frequently) bemoaning the ‘challenging’ aspects of Toby’s personality, in the difficult times I desperately want to try and bear in mind why he’s being such a nightmare displaying these typical toddler qualities. How can Phil and I can help him to develop?

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I’m Hosting a Medela Big Breastfeeding Cafe at The Picture Cafe, Grantham

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I’m a year into exclusively breastfeeding Martha. A year and 6 days as I type! Toby was breastfed for 4 months, during which time he also took bottles, before being exclusively bottle fed from 4 months onwards. My two journeys couldn’t be more different from one another and that’s why I immediately said yes when Medela asked me to host a Big Breastfeeding Cafe on May 16th.

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