My Red Shoe Makeover Photo Shoot

“When women support each other, incredible things happen” // My Red Shoe Makeover Photo Shoot

“When women support each other, incredible things happen” Sarah – the incredible photographer behind Red Shoe Makeovers – uses this quote when she shares the stunning photographs she takes of her Red Shoe Girls, and it has fast become one of my favourite quotes. A couple of weeks ago I headed up to Chester with a bag full of clothes and a belly full of nerves, to meet Sarah and make up artist Mandy and have my makeover photo shoot. This is what happens when women support each other…

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BookTrust Bath, Book, Bed campaign and giveaway

Our crafty bedtime routine // BookTrust’s Bath, Book, Bed and Peppa Pig Bedtime Giveaway

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you’ll know that sleeping has been a bit of an issue for us for approximately 3 years and 9 months. Can you guess how long we’ve been parents for…? One thing that does help when it comes to getting both Toby and Martha to sleep, is a consistent bedtime routine. They may not stay asleep for the 12 hours we daydream about, but on the whole both children are actually really good at going to bed in the first place.

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Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies // Review and Giveaway

Bambo Nature Eco Nappies // Review and Giveaway

While I cannot claim to be saving the world, I try to do my bit in reducing waste and being more environmentally friendly. My philosophy is that if we all make even small changes, it will have an impact. When Bambo Nature got in touch asking if I would like to try their eco disposable nappies, I was really intrigued to give them a go; I’ve used washable nappies with both children but have felt guilty at not keeping up with it and instead piling regular disposables into landfill. Could these be the solution?

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Gender, Money, Relationships, Power // Are we traditional, or am I an oppressed female?

Gender, Relationships, Money, Power

On mine and Phil’s first date, he paid. Was Phil’s desire to pay a sign of a patriarchal society in which I as a female am considered a lesser person than he? Does my acceptance of him paying show that I am stifled by the constraints enforced upon my gender? Was he asserting himself as the alpha in the relationship before it had even truly started?

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