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The Super Yummies Discovery Pack Giveaway

Our Mini Adventures // The Super Yummies Discovery Pack Giveaway

I absolutely love this time of year; wrapping up warm and going out for walks with the leaves crunching beneath our feet, collecting pine cones and conkers, finding shapes in the clouds and seeing our breath in front of our faces. It’s magical! We live in the countryside and the changing seasons are a great excuse for an adventure. We have teamed up with The Super Yummies to show you a typical Budding Smiles family weekend.

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Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas

One of the most lovely milestone dates in your baby’s first year of life is Christmas Day. The magic of the festive season is renewed once you become a parent, even when your little one is too young to understand any of it! Part of the fun is finding presents to mark the occasion so I’ve compiled some gorgeous gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

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Christmas Traditions and Making Special Memories

This will be mine and Phil’s sixth Christmas together and over those six festive seasons we’ve lived in four different houses, been boyfriend and girlfriend through to husband and wife (but not engaged because the sneaky man proposed 3 days after Christmas 2012!), I’ve been pregnant over two Christmases and we’ve been blessed with two healthy and beautiful babies.

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