Baby Won't Sleep

Sleep? What Sleep?

Toby is not a good sleeper. That's about the crux of it really, he never has been and I do think that his reflux is partly to blame, however it is not the whole story. Even as a teeny squishy newborn, Toby didn't sleep as much as we had expected a newborn to and certainly didn't reach the 18 out of every 24 hours that various emails and apps quoted! He would, and still does, cat nap on and off throughout the day but lately even this has been fading.

Daddy Feeding Baby

Silent Reflux: Feeding

I breastfed Toby from birth and from the word go, he snacked rather than having full meals. Generally speaking, I'd have up to an hour between feeds in the day and two hours at night, so it was tiring but Phil had a month off work so we shared the rest of Toby's care. He was never a particularly settled baby, but it was only when Phil returned to work that it hit me just how unsettled he was. You can find out about Toby's diagnosis here so I won't rehash it again, but it has been a very tough time for us all.

Breast Vest Giveaway

Breastvest Review and Giveaway

For the first 11 weeks of Toby's life I exclusively breastfed him and for the last two weeks we've been combination feeding, so he still has a good few breastfeeds a day. When I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to breastfeed but didn't buy many specific nursing tops because I wanted to see how it went and also what I felt was truly necessary for me to spend my money on. I lived in vest tops under t-shirts and wore nursing bras, which was fine when I was at home but I found things harder when I went out because I wanted a vest top for covering my belly, but then the straps got in the way of my bra. I bought some nursing vests, but ended up just using them at night because they weren't supportive enough in the day.

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Day 1 of using @Childcareisfun's sleeping tips and Toby is asleep in his crib for the first time ever in the day! Fingers crossed 😴 xx

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