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We Made… Martha! // Introducing Martha and We Made Me

I’m a huge fan of babywearing, it was essential with Toby and something we both got comfort from. When I first announced my pregnancy with Martha, We Made Me got in touch to tell me about their range of slings and carriers so now that Martha is here, I’m excited to introduce both her and the We Made Me brand to you, by way of a little interview!

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When you're pregnant, your body somehow becomes public property. Once your baby arrives, this entitlement of others to say whatever they like shifts to your newborn baby and sometimes people can be pretty rude and unhelpful! With some tongue-in-cheek and some seriously stupid comments, my Blog Bump Club buddies and I have put together a list: Top 10 Things Not To Say To A New Parent

“Is She A Good Baby?” // Top 10 Things Not To Say To New Parents

I’m not quite sure what makes it socially acceptable, but the moment you announce your pregnancy to the world, your body becomes the property of anyone and everyone to comment upon. Once the baby arrives that mystic entitlement transfers to your beautiful mini human and there are so many things that people say, which they really shouldn’t! I asked my fellow #BlogBumpClub members, and here are our top 10 things not to say to new parents.

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New Mummy Moments And Being Kind To Myself

Am I still a ‘new mum’ when it’s my second baby? I think so, because every baby is so different that every experience of parenthood is different, whether it’s your first or tenth child. I’m having so many awesome new mummy moments with Martha, but there are also times I’m exceptionally tired and need to be kind to myself in order to get through the day.

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