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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Today has been difficult on a few levels. After being up most of the night with Toby, Phil and I were both exhausted this morning but sadly he can’t do his job at home in his pj’s so he left Toby and I in bed and left the house, locking the door behind him to keep us safe. What he didn’t realise was that our only remaining spare key was outside. Locked in the summerhouse. On the same keyring as the summerhouse key. Toby and I were locked in. After having to turn the cleaner away because of said locked in-ness, I then set about planning how my good friend Charlotte could still come over without my mum having to do a 50 mile round journey to open our front door! During this time, Toby did a poo. Kids do that, not a problem. Except this was like the tsunami of all nappies and was up his back until it then went back down his arms. This terrified him (he’s going through an emotional phase) and he burst into tears, leaping into my arms for comfort and thus covering me. I got us both into the shower, we cleaned up,…

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Blogging to Jogging Health and Fitness Blog Linky - www.buddingsmiles.co.uk

From Blogging to Jogging – Week 41

Welcome to week 41 of From Blogging to Jogging. If you saw my post last night then you’ll finally know why I’ve been making excuses and pleading illness so much lately! However, I’m back on track now that the initial sickness has eased so I’ll make the most of my renewed energy whilst it lasts.

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Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorers Range

Lil’ Ocean Explorers With Little Tikes

On Thursday, Toby and I made our way to Kensington’s very lovely Maggie & Rose Club to see the brand new Lil’ Oceans Explorers range from family favourite Little Tikes. You may remember back in the summer that Toby and I were part of the Little Trikers campaign with Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford and his lovely family and since then Toby’s also had a Crazy Coupe for his birthday and a Hide and Slide Climber so it’s safe to say we love Little Tikes and were excited to see what the new range was all about.

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Miles 4 MAMA - Fundraising to help MAMA Academy save the lives of more babies

Not The Greatest of Health Weeks

I’ve been doing pretty well with my #Miles4MAMA target in the nearly 1 month since my lovely friend Jenny launched the campaign, but this week I’ve fallen off the wagon a little bit! With Phil working away for a couple of days and a very busy schedule I’ve not been out for a run, neither have I walked as much as usual.

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Toby at Fifteen Months Old

Baby? Toddler? I flit between the two terms on an almost hourly basis depending on whether he’s cuddling up for a nap or racing around in his new shoes at the speed of light and being exceptionally cheeky. One thing that’s for sure is that at fifteen months old, Toby is an amazing little boy.

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In The Night Garden Explore and Learn Musical Activity Table Review

Toby is at that age where he’s desperate to play with the big kids’ toys but is still a bit too little for many ride-on vehicles, see-saws and digital devices. When Golden Bear Toys got in touch asking if Toby would like to try their In The Night Garden Explore and Learn Musical Activity Table it looked like something he would enjoy because it’s different to his other toys and variety is, as we all know, the spice of life!

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The Baby Show Olympia Ticket Giveaway

In a couple of weeks, I and thousands of others will be heading to London’s Olympia for The Baby Show. I went last year when Toby was 3 months old and in spite of silent reflux issues leading to a very unsettled baby and a very exhausted mummy, I had an amazing time and absolutely loved discovering loads of brilliant brands as well as test driving some I already knew about. I stumbled back on to the tube and train absolutely overloaded with goodies and purchases so I am very excited to return this year with a 15 month old.

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Miles 4 MAMA - Fundraising to help MAMA Academy save the lives of more babies

#Miles4MAMA Weeks Two and Three

I’ve been so utterly useless at blogging lately but thankfully I’ve still been okay at walking and even a bit of running! My second and third weeks of #Miles4MAMA have been successful, in no small part to mine and Phil’s two days in London which involved a heck of a lot of walking in the rain.

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