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'Emotional Wellbeing of Parents' Series - Week 4

Welcome to my weekly blog series which is looking at how becoming a parent impacts upon emotional wellbeing, from the extreme highs of having a baby to the baby blues, post-natal depression and everything in between. I opened the series with my own story, then each week guest bloggers will take to the stage and give their experiences. I really hope that through publishing a diverse range of stories we can lift the lid on emotional and mental health and show that it's not as clear-cut as either being fine or being depressed, so that other parents may be able to feel more confident to reach out for support if they need it. You can find a list of all the posts from the series here.

This week I'm handing over to the first of a few dads to be featured in the series, Martyn from Inside Martyn's Thoughts, who is talking about his experiences with postnatal depression.

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Stylish Picks From Beebies Baby Store

As you all must know by now, we at Budding Smiles HQ are very proud Beebies Baby Store Ambassadors and when we were chosen to represent this wonderful company last September, I created a wish list of some of our favourite items. Well, Toby is far-too-rapidly commando crawling towards being a toddler and I'm finally feeling a little more professional at this motherhood malarkey. Great, so now with the warmer weather just around the corner *she says, fingers crossed* and us now feeling far more relaxed in life, I feel it's time to have a style overhaul so off to Beebies we head for some inspiration.

Mama Designs #PitchToRich #VOOM

Vote For Mama Designs and Win!

As a blogger I have the privilege of working with many fantastic brands and one such brand is Mama Designs, run by the very lovely Keira. I've only recently had the pleasure of getting to know Keira but Mama Designs products have been on my radar since I was pregnant because they are simple, innovative and functional. Keira is now hoping to take Mama Designs to the next level by entering a competition through Virgin which would give her the amazing opportunity of pitching her business to non other than Richard Branson himself and not only can you help her achieve this, but you could bag yourself some amazing Mama Designs products at the same time.

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