baby eczema

Eczema-Friendly Laundry

Many of you probably know that Toby has eczema and recently he has suffered some pretty bad flares of it which have proved tricky to control. Not liking the thought of smothering him in hydrocortisone, I am exploring more gentle ways of combating this tricky skin condition and on top of creams, oils, dietary changes and natural clothing, I'm also looking at how I do my laundry and whether I can make changes there too.

tenerife family holiday

Our Family Holiday to Tenerife

Last week we travelled to Tenerife with my parents, brother and family friends to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. The holiday was booked when Toby was still 'Bump'/'Baby C' so with how unsettled he has been in his 7 little months of life, we were a little nervous about the flight! He was brilliant overall though, so whilst his routine was thrown and we had some bad nights, we also had a lot of fun and didn't let tiredness stop us.

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