Don't die with the music still in you // Singing my song

Don’t die with the music still in you

“Don’t die with the music still in you” I heard this on Thought for the Day the other week on the Chris Evans breakfast show and it haunted me, the words swirling around my mind as I processed not only what was being said, but also the fact that my beloved Nan had passed away only days previously. We had been playing her favourite music to her almost right until the very end.

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Sleep and Stress

Too stressed to sleep? You’re not alone

The more stressed I get, the more tired I get. Yet when I reach the point of stress-induced exhaustion, I can’t sleep. Isn’t it such a nasty trick for my body to play on me? I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and the frustration just exacerbates the problem until a myriad of other physical and mental health issues start to raise their ugly heads. 

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Dear Martha, now you are two

Happy birthday darling Martha! You are a feisty, funny, brave, beautiful whirlwind of laughter and light who completed our family. Since turning one you have mastered walking and talking, you’ve stopped breastfeeding, you’ve learned how to jump and run and spin and climb, how to recite your favourite songs and stories, how to dribble and kick a ball. Your smile and laughter are infectious – your dimples could get you out of any trouble – you give the tightest cuddles and the sweetest little kisses. You’re so happy, so stubborn, so full of life.

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VOOM 2018 Pitch // As someone who struggled with fertility before having children, who has been overwhelmed by parenthood, who has suffered with postnatal depression, who is passionate about helping others, Apples & Pips is a shop with a unique spirit and ethos.

An unashamed plea for your support

A few seconds of your time could catapult my business – will you help me? As a mum-of-2 I have rather rapidly discovered the products that I do and don’t need in parenthood, the ones that are amazing and the ones that are useless. Thus, Apples & Pips was born. I hand-pick the best products from small and medium sized UK brands, as well as creating my own ranges of slogan products which are hand designed by my husband, however my shop goes so much further than simply selling nice products.

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