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Things To Do at 2am

Long gone are the days when 2am meant the club I was in closing and my friends and I finding cheap pizza to eat back home. In all honesty, those times weren’t particularly frequent in my life given that I travelled alone throughout much of my late teens and early twenties then had my first mortgage at just shy of 22! These days, however, being up at 2am as I currently am means one of two things, either I’m ill or Toby is and tonight it’s the latter.

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Hips, Pelvis, Back and Bump, Back and Bump // Common Pregnancy Aches

I’m 19 weeks pregnant today and according to everyone I’ve seen today who didn’t see me last week because of Toby’s hand foot and mouth, bump has very much popped! I suffered with nausea and sickness until about 16 weeks and then they subsided to make way for headaches and migraines and now those familiar aches and pains I remember from Toby’s pregnancy are making an appearance, albeit earlier than expected. I know that these are fairly common pregnancy aches so I thought it was worth writing about them in case it helps anyone who’s suffering them too.

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Dealing With Hand Foot and Mouth

As regular readers and followers on social media may have noticed from the daily pictures of Toby’s spotty face, he’s had hand foot and mouth this week. It’s something that’s sweeping across the toddlers of the UK of late so I thought it would be useful to talk about how Toby’s been, the diagnosis, treatment etc just to help out any parents who find out their little one has it.

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Blogging to Jogging Health and Fitness Blog Linky - www.buddingsmiles.co.uk

From Blogging to Jogging // A New Host

As you will know if you regularly read my Blogging to Jogging posts or link up, I’ve been really struggling with being either fit or healthy of late and last week I put a call out for a new host to take over, at least temporarily until I’m less pregnant and more healthy. I was touched by how many offered to help, so thank you to everyone who did so and I think that the first person who approached me and to whom I’m passing over, will be an inspiration to you all.

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Baby Kicks, Hand Foot and Mouth and Some Lovely Parcels!

In case you can’t tell from the title, the end of last week and over the weekend were a mixture of ups and downs. I’m finally starting to feel better and with Baby Fish kicking away I’m enjoying my pregnancy much more. I also had some lovely deliveries which I’ll give you some sneak peeks of before my reviews go live in the coming week or so. On the flip side, Toby rather suddenly came down with hand foot and mouth whilst we were spending the weekend with Phil’s family.

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Blog Bump Club andMaternity Matters joint linky

Welcome to Blog Bump Club!

I’m a little late with my first ever Blog Bump Club linky but rest assured this won’t become a habit! Toby has hand, foot and mouth so I was unable to blog whatsoever over the weekend and I now have two precious hours in which to get a couple of day’s worth of work done whilst mum has my little man… Eeek! Anyway, welcome! Some of you may already be familiar with the wonderful #BlogBumpClub and I am proud to be the fifth blogger at the helm of this fantastic group and linky.

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My Forever Friend bedtime Lightship - Nursery Toys and Night Light for Babies

My Forever Friends Bedtime Lightshow // Review

A couple of months ago, you may remember that I went to a lovely event hosted by Forever Friends and Golden Bears to launch their brand new nursery range – My Forever Friends. The products were absolutely beautiful and although I wasn’t actually pregnant at the time, I kept the lovely gifted Chime Bear and Snuggle Blankie away from Toby’s roaming hands in the hope of a second baby coming along.

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Hosting Christmas Dinner // Inspiration and Ideas

This year, Phil and I are hosting Christmas dinner with bots sets of our parents and my brother. I mean I’ll only be 5 months pregnant and we’ll have a 17 month old crazy toddler so why not?! I’m pretty comfortable with cooking a good old roast and I will have helping hands in the kitchen from Phil and I’m sure our mums too (oven gloves and marigolds at the ready!) but my downfall is in styling the environment.

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