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Pregnancy & Post Natal (1)

Q&A With Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Expert Dr Joanna Helcke

When I was pregnant – and when my SPD would allow it – I did some pregnancy pilates through an online course by pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert Dr Joanna Helcke. With the help of some fellow pregnant and new mamas, I’ve compiled some questions about pregnancy and postnatal fitness, which Dr Joanna has kindly answered. 

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Martha has been in gNappies since day 1. Here's why we love them and how they're redefining the disposable nappy!

Using gNappies From Day 1 With A Baby // 15% Reader Discount!

When Toby was born, I had a few different cloth nappies that I’d won in a giveaway, plus the inevitable stack of disposable nappies that come in bumper packs from the midwife. Neither were the perfect option for us but with two years of parenthood comes experience (of sorts!) and so with Martha, I knew that I wanted to use gNappies with her from the start. 

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