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“But what if I’ve lost my Mummy and Daddy?” // Teaching Our Son About the Emergency Services 

“Mummy look! A police car!” “That’s right kiddo, they must be going to help someone.” “What does that mean?” “Well if somebody needs help then the police look after them and make sure they’re okay. A bit like how Mummy and Daddy help you.” But what if I’ve lost my Mummy and Daddy? Any Westworld fans will get it when I say I wanted to say “Freeze all motor functions” then frantically Google how to have these sorts of chats with your 2 1/2 year old. I was, however, driving along the A47 at 60mph and if I could get Toby to freeze all motor functions on demand then life would be slightly less manic generally. I wanted the conversation to continue naturally, but also to avoid scaring Toby. A difficult balance because he’s so young; his vocabulary is brilliant but his understanding of the world is still innocent. Well if you ever lost Mummy and Daddy then the police would help you. The policemen and women are all really kind people. He seemed okay with that. Phew. The next question was why wasn’t there a fire engine with the police car. I explained that the fire crews put out…

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