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Celebrating my family as it blossoms and grows xXx
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Rockin' Baby Childrenswear Review // Summer and holiday fashion for babies, toddlers and children from philanthropic brand Rockin' Baby, who donate an item of clothing to a child living in poverty, for each item sold.

Rockin’ Baby Clothes // Child-to-Child, Helping Those Living In Poverty

I had heard of Rockin’ Baby slings before (keep an eye out for a review of those!) but I didn’t know that they also made gorgeous clothes. Their Child-to-Child program means that for every item purchased, they donate another to a child living in poverty around the world.

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Pregnancy & Post Natal (1)

Q&A With Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Expert Dr Joanna Helcke

When I was pregnant – and when my SPD would allow it – I did some pregnancy pilates through an online course by pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert Dr Joanna Helcke. With the help of some fellow pregnant and new mamas, I’ve compiled some questions about pregnancy and postnatal fitness, which Dr Joanna has kindly answered. 

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