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My Name Is Hannah And I’m A Cliché

Rarely a purposeful rebel (if you ignore the jet black hair at age 16), at the same time I have never been one to blindly follow people, trends or labels. In part my lack of confidence didn’t enable me to be on trend in my teens and early twenties because I always thought it would be painfully obvious that I was a fraud: less mutton dressed as lamb, more mouse dressed as show horse. Terrible analogy, but I’m sure you get the point. So how and why have I become a cliché?

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Martha At 5 Months Old 

I am feeling strangely emotional about Martha turning 5 months old and I think I know why: it feels like from now on all the milestones will come thick and fast, moving her further and further away from her status as a baby. Weaning, sitting, crawling, first tooth, first signs then words, they could all happen very soon and that’s both exciting and a little overwhelming too.

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