Normal Baby

"Is My Baby Normal?!"

I think that at some point, every parent must find themselves in a situation where they wonder if something their child is doing is 'normal'. There are so many books, websites and experts in every aspect of parenting that the definition of normal can be blurry at best and totally irrelevant more often than not. Here are some of the things that have led me to ask the question: "Is this normal?" about things Toby has done along with things from other bloggers, friends and family.

Weaning First Taste Carrot

Toby's Weaning Stories - Week Two

I wrote last week about how we were in full swing preparing to commence weaning, with Toby having been on porridge for breakfast for a while. Unfortunately, a change in milk as suggested by our GP didn't go to plan, as you can read here, so Toby's first tastes of food were delayed whilst we got him back on to the prescription milk and let his tummy settle back down. Not to be put off, today Toby seemed to be feeling much better so carrot was on the menu for lunch!

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